Reason is a Bath based charity giving support and help to reduce harm from problematic behaviours, particularly in the area of alcohol, gambling and drugs.

Reason offers an accessible and confidential service to those living in Bath and North East Somerset and the surrounding areas.

The sessions are taken by John Hill. John has many years experience working in the field of drugs and alcohol and the details of John's experience, background and training can be found at Linkedin.

Regardless of any label that has been put upon you, Reason does not give labels. We believe everybody is capable of positive change. 

We are here to support and encourage your desire to change and to help you focus on the benefits of that change. We work with you as an individual.

Contact Reason. Whether by email or phone, it is free and confidential. 

What Next?

Reason concentrates on offering one to one sessions to promote a change in the way an individual uses alcohol, drugs or gambling. After contact has been made either by phone or email and you feel comfortable to take things further an initial appointment and assessment is made.

If you wish to engage with Reason then you will be offered up to 6 sessions, if you think you need or would like further sessions then you can decide as the work progresses. This is about providing you with the support and help that you think you will need.

We will work in a collaborative way with you and find out what you want as opposed what those around you want, although it is often that those around us may be supportive and may be included in your preparation to change.

You will be encouraged to work towards reduction or abstinence. Evaluating together what goals you would like to achieve.

Reason is not funded by statutory services and you will be asked to make a contribution towards each session. In certain circumstances an application for funding to attend the session can be made on an individuals behalf.

Contact John for help, support or advice.