“Whenever I speak to John about his work at Reason, I am always blown away by his dedication and passion for what he does. John absolutely understands alcohol dependency to its core, and his enthusiasm for helping the people he works with is so evident. He believes in a great life after drinking, so we are totally on the same wavelength.”           

 Lucy Rocca, Founder of Soberistas.com, June 17

 "John has been brilliant at helping me get to grips with my drinking. I found him very easy to talk to. His method is excellent allowing me to follow a direction that suited my needs whilst offering very useful help and advice. I would definitely recommend."


"Hi John, I am doing really well with controlling my drinking and don't feel we need to meet again. I really appreciate your help over the past few months. Thank you." 


'Pretty much off the drink now John!........ And when I do have a drink now, more so than ever wish I hadn't bothered..............no tobacco either...I'm grateful to you John you were an immeasurable part of that change for me..........and thank you again for all your help." 


"I was referred to John by my GP when I realised I had to face the damage my excessive binge drinking was having on my health, relationship and career. I was incredibly apprehensive about my referral and in quite a bit of denial that I even needed the appointment. John immediately made me feel comfortable, safe and secure in the knowledge that I had done the right thing in seeking help. He stressed the importance of preparing myself for the huge lifestyle change that lay ahead, to become tee-total, and helped equip me with the techniques that I would need to make that transition. The extent of my dependence on alcohol became apparent to me during those meetings and even though it was devastating to realise that my problem was more serious than I originally thought, it gave me the drive and commitment I needed to change. John arranged further support for me from a cognitive behavioural therapist and was fully knowledgeable in the medical issues surrounding alcohol abuse. I will be forever grateful for his kindness, insight and support. His gentle approach and extensive experience make him an indispensable resource to anyone wanting to change their life for the better."  


"After a number of breakdowns, involving alcohol, I was asked to leave the family home, leaving behind my 3 children, husband, dog........ I was given the number of John / Reason by my GP, who I visited a couple of days after I left the house. I made a call to John about a week after I left home and from the outset he went out of his way to be as helpful and supportive as possible. Initially I left him a message, but we had a lengthy conversation half an hour later. Despite being 6:30 on a Friday evening. I have been seeing John on a weekly basis since then. He is one of the reasons i have 'got through' the past months. I cannot put into words how much support he has given me. I have not drunk any alcohol since.....it has not been an issue for me........We obviously have discussed at length what led me to leave and how alcohol played a part. But the real support has been John's knowledge of relationships, family and child psychology. He has helped me enormously to make sense of the chaos of the past few months. I have had very little contact with my children and as a mother, this has been the hardest thing to endure. I am still surviving, not thriving, but I doubt without John's care and attention, I may not even have survived.......I do not know what will come next for me, but I will always be grateful to John for helping me get through these first hideous months."